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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

MCHP is exceptionally proud to be the only college in Maine that offers both the associate's degree in nursing (ADN) and now the RN to BSN program.

About our Program

The addition of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program increases the preparedness of nurses for patient care, while also providing opportunity for nurses to advance in their career toward management or departmental positions with higher earnings.

The program accepts both new students and practicing nurses who have earned their ADN from other institutions (nursing and qualifying credits are transferable). Applications are currently being accepted for the RN-BSN program starting in January 2018. Click here to access the online application.


The complete list of admissions requirements can be found here


The curriculum is designed to continue to develop and broaden critical thinking and communication skills, as well as enhance understanding of the practice of nursing. Degree requirements include courses in the sciences, humanities, fine arts, and nursing-specific topics. Students will be required to complete a community health capstone project prior to graduation. Additional information regarding the curriculum can be found here.

  • 122 semester hour minimum requirement for obtaining bachelor's degree.
  • Courses offered in a hybrid online/onsite format with no more than 40% virtual contact.

The following RN-BSN Nursing courses will be offered in spring 2018, plus we offer additional general education for the program.

*NUR 270 Nursing Theory- online first 8 weeks January 22nd through March 16th

*NUR 265 Concepts for Professional Nursing- online second 8 weeks March 19th- May 11th

*NUR 275 Population Health- Thursday 8:30am-11:30am- entire semester starting January 25th

Learning Outcomes 

Incorporate essential education and understanding of core nursing competencies with content that fosters advancement and development in professional practice.

Integrate knowledge and experience to analyze problems using creative, clinical, and innovative thinking to provide the highest quality of nursing care to a broad range of people.

Apply scientific methodology to analyze and interpret observable data in order to support nursing practice.

Utilize technology to facilitate best nursing practice in diverse healthcare settings.

Promote advocacy of the nursing profession through affiliations and professional organizations to become vital members of the healthcare delivery system and community.

Promote and maintain relationships between clients, health-care professionals and the community to develop quality individualized treatment modalities.

Demonstrate the use of strategies that foster holistic health and wellness initiatives for individuals, families, and communities.

Practice nursing within the professional legal framework, using sound ethical values and participate in communities as an informed, committed, and productive individual

Display accountability as a learner and participate in continuing education and the development of new knowledge and skills. 

Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the diversity and interdependence among cultures and contribute to the delivery of quality healthcare, regionally and globally.