Maine College of Health Professions
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Purpose & Educational Model


The primary purpose of the Maine College of Health Professions is to graduate educated individuals in the healthcare sciences to serve the people of Maine. At the Maine College of Health Professions, clinical education is an integrated approach that provides students with context-based learning that is gained through actual professional healthcare interactions and through an opportunity to experience actual work in the clinical practice setting.

Educational Model

Educational Model

General Education is course work designed to enrich a student’s life, to broaden their intellectual outlook, and to develop critical thinking skills.

Didactic Instruction is theory and content information learning specific to a major.

Simulated Learning provides a bridge between theory and practice enabling students to apply concepts in a hands-on laboratory environment.

Clinical Practice is course work in which the learner is a participant in the actual health care environment involving work with patient, clients, or administration.

Strategic Plan 

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