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I’ve Made it This Far…So What’s Next?

Date of Release: September 20, 2017

So, you’ve made the decision to go to college…Maybe you’re getting ready to graduate high school and this is simply the next step in your existing plan. Maybe you’ve been out of school for some time, and you’ve gotten up the courage to fulfill that lifelong dream of getting a degree. Maybe you’ve been taking classes here and there, and you’ve decided once and for all that now is the time to finish what you’ve started. Regardless of how you arrived here, you still have some critical decisions to make. One that might be giving you some significant stress is making the right college choice.

When you explore your options, you’ll find that all schools have strengths. The challenge for you is determining which college offers you the best experience and outcomes for your substantial investment of time and money. It ultimately depends on how well the college fits with you and your vision.

Regardless of your aspirations, it’s critically important that you visit the colleges that interest you. Only then can you get a real sense of a school’s culture…what they value, how they engage with students and each other, and how the place feels. It’s then that you can get a really clear picture of how effectively the school delivers on the promise of its advertising.

With this in mind, I hope that Maine College of Health Professions makes the list of colleges you’re considering and would like to visit. This is a really special place. We work hard, but we laugh a lot, too. There is joy in our hallways. Our faculty – indeed all of us - are held to the highest standards of respect…for students and each other. Our faculty are also required to hold exceptional credentials in their fields. We are small, and we like it that way. Being small enables us – faculty and staff alike – to really get to know our students. We are focused. We have a 126-year history of providing health professions education, and all of our majors are in the health professions.

In addition, there are other things that make us different from other choices you might have for healthcare professions education. We take great pride in our focus on hands-on learning, our hospital affiliation, and our exceptionally effective clinical instruction . Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing more about each of these differentiators and why they are critical to the MCHP educational model.
Our graduates tell us that they are more knowledgeable than their newly-graduated peers from other schools. Employers tell us that we’re doing a stellar job in preparing nurses, radiologic technologists, computed tomography experts, and certified nursing assistants.

We’d love to have you come to campus to see if what we offer is right for you.
Regardless of where your road takes you, we wish you the best in your journey!
All the best to you,


Dr. Monika Bissell
Maine College of Health Professions

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