Maine College of Health Professions
70 Middle Street, Lewiston, Maine 04240
phone: (207) 795-2840 email:

Mission & Vision


The Maine College of Health Professions enriches lives through offering outstanding education in the health professions, inspiring student success and lifelong learning. We emphasize interpersonal, interprofessional, and community collaboration, and we prioritize excellence in patient care, student learning, and scholarship.


Supportive, engaging, and effective health professions education for every student, every day. The Maine College of Health Professions will be the college of choice in providing exceptional health professions education in the State of Maine and beyond. We will be known for our individualized educational approach that prioritizes student support and success. Our graduates will be recognized as leaders in their profession, improving the health and well-being of our communities.

An MCHP Graduate

Is a thoroughly competent practitioner

Communicates effectively and with confidence

Demonstrates exceptional compassion

Thinks critically

Values and seeks collaboration

Exhibits best practices in patient safety

Prioritizes respect in all interactions

Models superior ethical decision making

Welcomes and appreciates diversity

Pursues lifelong learning