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An Educated Person

Maine College of Health Professions is committed to graduating an educated person.

The College believes that being an educated person means a commitment to lifelong learning, finding joy in expanding ideas, creativity and critical thinking. Courses in the sciences and humanities are necessary to developing a comprehensive education.

An educated person is one who has acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities, which will facilitate success in a variety of roles. All members of the College community commit to the following criteria, which we feel define an educated person.

An educated person:

  • thinks critically and analytically; integrates and synthesizes knowledge.
  • demonstrates, by moral and ethical behavior, the values of integrity, responsibility, perseverance, tolerance of ambiguity, and appreciation of diversity.
  • demonstrates self-confidence, strives for emotional maturity, and values personal competence.
  • appreciates the importance of the fine and performing arts.
  • communicates and collaborates on a level that will facilitate the ability to work in the local community and globally.
  • participates in service activities which result in a positive impact on the community.
  • values lifelong learning and influences others to pursue education.